Safety first: We check to FEM 4.004 (BGV D 27; previously: UVV inspection)

Still happen numerous accidents when handling forklifts and warehouse equipment. Apart from human error, can also Handling themselves - or their components - be cause of accidents.
To get into your warehouse fleet the safe operation of your electric, gas and diesel forklifts, hand trucks, rough terrain truck, warehouse etc. upright, we employ trained and authorized technicians who test your truck in about 100 safety-relevant points. This is done according to the specifications in accordance with BGV D 27, at least once a year, in difficult conditions more often, requiring the implementation of FEM 4.004-examination.
The "Fédération Européenne de la Manutention" (European Association of handling and storage technology) provides that when considering a checklist is processed, are tested according to the following, among other components or parts on the truck / truck:
Thickness at the fork bend, deformation, cracks on buckling and suspension
Length min. 6 divisions
Examination at Diesel forklifts
Brakes and drive
Performance of service and parking brakes, brake system, brake system on drawbar, wheels and tires
Driver's seat and controls
Driver restraint system, seat fixing, steering system, controls and signage
Electrical equipment
Battery, seat switch or disconnect device, emergency stop switch, electrical wiring u. Backup
Hydraulic systems
Lifting system creep, Tilt system creep test, leakage and damage
Chassis and safety equipment
Attachment points, Towing, floor openings on LPG trucks, hood lock
Miscellaneous and special equipment
Signage, attachments, optional equipment