VIP service for your truck: our special transporters

Your warehouse or terminal is the ancestral territory of your trucks - but what if a truck or other storage technology for service or repair, or "on the road" needs? Then our special truck transporter are available and offer "VIP service" for your trucks!
We are to be transported in a position to electric, diesel and LPG truck and even terrain truck weighing up to 22 tonnes. Experienced drivers and special low-loaders allow a carefree, professional transport.
The Purpose of the special truck transporters are diverse: We carry a acquired in our brand-new or used forklift directly to the site. We pick a defective storage device from your premises and carrying it freshly repaired back to you. We pick up a given in payment forklifts or ensure that a trucks rented is time with you.
Of course you can use our truck transporter and driver (and any accompanying personnel) for rent and for its own purposes - for example, if part of your forklift fleet for a project has to quickly and easily move to another site. Just ask us, we'll be happy for all transport tasks around your forklifts, warehouse equipment and trucks!