Full power for full truck use

They must not forget that the traction batteries of your electric forklift afford daily hard work - and the same is true in the application pauses for battery chargers in your warehouse fleet. No wonder that this can lead to performance degradation and wear: The batteries in the Electric Forklift lose capacity, Chargers pollute, contacts corrode and leads may be worn. Whether in the 24 volt range or in the segments 48 and 80 V: We take care of your traction batteries.
When forklift battery service battery water levels are checked and refilled, cleaned and re-greased contacts, replace damaged insulation and the battery or charger by reason cleaned. Even so, we are making a great deal to performance stability and reliability of batteries and chargers of forklifts.
In addition, we also offer the regeneration of lead batteries to fetch from an already-down in the days Electric forklift battery many charging cycles.